My Lighthouse, Where Art Thou?

I have always found poetry and stories easier to express my feelings in than mere words so here goes nothing...

I am lost in a blue so deep,
if i closed my eyes i'd be asleep.
The waves are strong,
they push me ever along,
I used to try to fight their force,
but now I've given in to their course.
I can't see which way i'm being pushed,
the storms is so loud my cries are hushed.
I saw a beam of light for the fastest of seconds,
and then it was gone, and only the darkness beacons.
It would be so easy to let myself drown,
yet i cling to the hope you exist like it is my crown.
I want you to turn on the light to show me the way;
without having the price I always seem to be forced to pay.
Where has my lighthouse gone?
Arcentine Arcentine
22-25, M
Feb 16, 2013