I Don't Know What I'm Going to Do With My Life

I'm young, smart, well-educated. But I have no idea what I'm doing with my life working an ordinary job for the man. And I can't just get up and quit because I don't know what else to do.

Is this what we work hard through college for? To be slaves to someone else's dream?

I need meaning, but I can't seem to find it in whatever I do. I've changed jobs a couple of times, but nothing seems to work for me.
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What degree do you possess, and what jobs are you doing? And what is your dream job?

my life in a nutshell

Ask yourself some question.. like are you happy? are you contented with your life now? do you want to stay like this? 5 to 10 yrs from now do you see yourself the same? if you're answer is NO!!!! then GO! MOVE!!!TRY SOMETHING NEW...<br />
eNJOY EVERY MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE... LOOK FOR SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY AND CONTENT... dont SETTLE on things that makes you empty but look for something that makes you FULFILLED! <br />
<br />

your still young to do this... its not too late to try...

Sometimes, you have to make a decision and then make it be the right decision whether it is or not. Starting your own business is difficult and requires some pretty specific education and a lot of capitol, but it can be done. Start small and grow slowly and you'll be ok. <br />
Maybe you would rather be in the arts? In that case, master your craft and then start creating art. You'll need help with marketing if you plan to sell your work... or maybe you won't. You didn't tell us enough to be able to really advise you very well.

i feel you

Financially content people who dont share ur problem, in an air of wisdom say follow ur dreams. But if you dont have any dreams, theres nothing to attain for. I think its more honest to say that sorry, i cant offer any sugestion and i hope time and unforseen occurance work out well for you.

There comes a time in our lives when we are no longer who we are suppose to be. I think it is good that you are still young and have time to change. Do me a favor and do what i didn't do. Live your dreams. When I was 25 I wanted to leave just pack up and hit the open road. but life was calling me. I had just started a new job with great pay. I was feeling like the world was soaring. by the time I was 33 i felt like crap this great job was now a burden and is killing me. Now i have bills to pay and people depending of me. I used to think that it is good when you are young and don't know that life gets complicated as you grew and your dreams just get up walk away from you cause they have better things to do then just sit and wait in pity with you. Start over and live your life your way and find your dreams and live it.

Everyone who has told you that the fun part is happening while your trying to get where ever you are going. Did you ever consider trying some things out like maybe some volunteer programs? Maybe volunteer to help a local soup kitchen serve the homeless a meal a couple times a week. Maybe find a kid who needs someone in the big brither/ big sister program. There are so many different choices that may help you find out where you want to go. Or atleast these will help you find out they arent for you. My suggestions are just that: suggestions. Use your imagination, and have fun along your journey. Before you know it, you will be older and wondering where time went and what you would have done differently. Just try something. You may find the answer in the least likely place. Thats the thing about life you just never know!!!

Hello there, Iam 46 and I am really well educate, a doctor, an NLP coach, and sometimes I also ask myself where am I going? There are so manny things I enjoy but sometimes I feel like it is all for nothing! ANd you are so young, have time to discover and find what really turns you on. If you really have hard time I would recomend an NLP cours for practitioners to find out how your brain works and a lot of people had total turnover in life, found love, jobs, changed carriers and so...<br />
It did help me a lot and still does for I know that it is only us that make the picture of our lives and it is through our eyes and criteria that we judge ourselves and it is only us that make the boundaries. Also you may like a book NAPOLEON HILL THINK N GROW RICH... even though you are well educated... educo comes from latin which means DROW OUT...and this is something you are not doing... draw out from yourself... and keep searching, do not QUIT. WINNERS NEVER QUIT AND QUITERS NEVER WINN!! I am sure you will find your passion and desire.

OMG..I feel your pain! I am 27, attractive, educated, and struggling to find work. I feel like I am wasting my life. I dont even know what it is I want to do with my life anymore. I wish I could be 19 again, and start all over. I dont know where I want to live. Who knows if I will ever get married. Who knows when I will find a stable career. If I could start a business, I wouldnt even know where to start! I feel hopeless. The scary part is that I used to be the person who looked down at people like myself who seemed to have no direction in life. Now...here I am!

I am in a similar situation and I can't seem to figure out what direction I want to go, you just wake up and say... hmmm here is another day. If you have any passion for anything try to figure out how you can do it...

With your education, or effort to better yourself, do as I did and start your own business. It will take a few months to get the money flowing to you, but the joy of meeting other people each day is reward enough for the rest of your life. I live in California too, but work with people anywhere, through the internet.

This is what the world is about. I dream to have a job like you at your place and you say otherwise. I sympathize with you

I think that you are wallowing in self depreciating pity. Wake up and smell the coffee, It is a different morning. Try something different today

Kman has a point, you can find meaning in a journey.

Getting to where you going is the fun part. Its the experiences along the way that shape you. I found something that I thought I wanted to do since I was a kid and now that I'm established, I look back at the struggle and realize that was the fun part. Just pick a direction and keep heading that way, it will either work out or make you realize a different path to take. Just try to enjoy it - I wish I would of listened to this advice years ago.

Try to figure it out while you have time. Pick a field you are interested in and start doing something with it on the side. Or you will end up like me. I am 41 and still dont know what I want to do when I grow up

I'm 57 and still have that problem!

Try to figure it out while you have time. Pick a field you are interested in and start doing something with it on the side. Or you will end up like me. I am 41 and still dont know what I want to do when I grow up

Could you give a bit more info? What job are you in at the moment? What education do you have and why did you do it?