I Am Lost In Life?

I'm not......but most people who know me think that really I am.I am consider to be an achiever and known to be one but that's before I made a certain decision in my life that disappointed those persons whose expecting to much from me.I'm fortunate enough to be 1 of the 10 students who passed the entrance exam  in a certain university.I took the most highly standard course being offered but I'm not happy because that's not really what i wanted to be.After a year I decided to stop and lot of discouragement and criticism comes along by making such decision.Here I am now working abroad and thousand of miles away from home but keep on surviving because I believe in my dreams and that's what can make me happy more than anything else.1 year more to go and hopefully I'll be back home to be able to pursue my dreams.Somehow I can't them for misjudging me because after all they don't know the real reason why I come up in making such decision.Even thought they consider that decision as the worst 1,for me that's the best one that I've ever made in my entire life and ever since I haven't ask them to understand that but insted just to respect my decision.I just hoping that if 1 of this days if God's well I get what I want,they'll just be happy for me....
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donnt worry. ı am in the sam caondition with u. I also miss my family. but we have got certain purposes. So we sould be determined. the only thing we nedd is a little bit motivation . and Finally ı have found right thing. Alex Sini's CDs . ı certainlt advise you. you can cahnge point of view. It is Be Happy – Feel Good NOW CD.5Most people would rather be certain they're miserable, than risk being happy. (Robert Anthony) Take this risk and be happy with a CD from AleqSini. after ı litened this cds ı have got a pğositive changing in my life.<br />
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I wish you feel better.

I really admire you for following your dreams. Unfortunately not many people have the courage and ambition to do that.

well,its good you'r on the positive side inspite of those.Dontcha worry! everything has its purpose so you dont need to be worry about it.Same as i..Thank you=)

Yeah, what really matters is that you are happy with your choices :) And your choices should be respected by your friends and family.. . Always keep you head high and be optimistic and the future will be bright for you! Good luck with life :D