Wandering Around This Thing Called Life

i am lost in life, i moved to Chicago from Kansas city in January to go to school. i was ****** over my my room mates and lost a great deal of money, the resulting stress cause me to fail my classes, my friend and i were nearly homeless, our only food was given to us by friends and teachers. i was paying her part of the rent with loan money until i ran out of it. i dropped out of school, and moved in with a guy i meat at ACEN in may.
I've been jobless for a few months now, no one seems to want to hire me. i start a part time stock room job on Monday, my uncle is one of the VP of the company so that why i was able to get that job, and i don't want to disappoint him.
I'm not going to school and don't see how i will be able too unless my parent cosign me for another loan. because I'm not going to school i don't have insurance under my parents anymore and i cant afford to buy my anti-depressants pills any more, so I've been really down and crying for no reason.
i also have HPV and cant get a check up because of no money. but hopfully i will be qualified for this free thing i found on the internet. this is really just a rant. i just feel like I'm no good, I'm a loser, i lose at life, I'm a good-for-nothing.
grayrayn grayrayn
Aug 3, 2007