Lost.....not Just a T.v Program!

I am lost in life.......here i sit once again in another great job not really caring for it as much as I should. I am an avid sports fan and was a better than average cricket player and really thats what I should have gone into but did not. I seem to lack the drive or passion in life to generally just follow through with things....


I feel that I am just gliding aimlessly through life not really sure or even positive about where it is that I will eventually land up, much like a floating balloon I seem to be carried by the wind till eventually all the air has seeped out of me. I used to be a dreamer wishing that all things good happen to me and then would imagine what my life would be like when all of this came true.......but now???


Is growing up more a passing into boredom than into actual maturity and if so then what is it all about really? Sometimes I don't even feel comforable in my own skin and the aggressive and mean side comes out of me with control and for no reason. Am i merely just crazy or does anyone ever feel this way?


Having been inspired by all the stories I rad in books growing about detectives and their adventures and watching movies with happy ending this is what I expected of life as in good poker game I did not get dealt the ideal cards but unlike any good poker player i have not been able to make the best of them!!!


I hope that life is meant to be this way for me and that my adventure is finding my way, but also I hope that whatever path is laid before me is chosen for me for a good reason.

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1 Response Mar 18, 2009

i know what your saying, especially with the floating balloon thing and growing up...<br />
i acually just wrote a couple of my own posts on a couple of these subjects. Good luck with it.