Someone Give Me a Map....

So I'm lost on the road of life. Can some one tell me how to get to the place I was going, before I forgot what that place was? I have no idea what I want to do with my life, I dropped out of High School was wasted 5 years working in a supermarket before getting my GED and getting a real job. The issue that I have, is that what I what I want to do, I'm not sure I can do( be a paramedic) and I don't want to hurt someone in the process. I seem not to be any good at what I want to do, and not intrested in doing what I may be good at doing. I also worry that being a medic is going to turn out like every thing else that I wanted to do so bad, once I do it I find that I don't like it any more.
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honey i hear ya. i'm an underachiever & i don't know what to do w my life. i have considered being a paramedic too, but am too cowardly to switch paths & start on something i have no idea if i'll really enjoy or be decent at

don't trust the man who gives you a map. to lead a fulfilling life, you need to make your own.

my ex husband is a medic. despite his MAJOR concerns of inadequacy in his field and his low self esteem in said field, he's saved several lives and helped countless others. i think it's one of those positions where you have to somewhat 'scared' ... he said it was his fear of someone dying on his watch that kept him studying and improving his skills constantly. just something to consider before you get serious about being a paramedic.

Instead of allowing lack of confidence to hold you back, allow your wish to push your forward.

That first comment makes good sense. I spent years watching young people begin studies on some subject that was beneath what they were capable of doing. They chose to go this route simply because they felt that they were not good enough or able to do something better. <br />
EDUCATION is there so that you can LEARN to do ANYTHING that you WANT to do.<br />
If you have an I Q over 105, you really can learn anything. Everyone has the ability to learn some things easier than other things.<br />
<br />
If your IQ is less than 105, you still can learn to do a lot of great things.<br />
Also, the IQ test only tests for SCHOOL type of stuff.<br />
It does not test for your ability to choose a goal, and work toward a goal. It does not test your ability to understand what people feel. or your ability to verbalize yourself.<br />
It does not test your ability to follow direstions or to give directions.<br />
It does not test ability to understand <br />
how things work or are put together or how to take them apart. <br />
It does not test for Emotional Intelligence, or artistic ability, or courage. <br />
<br />
THERE IS A LOT of yourself that will probably come into play as you work....none of it shows up on an IQ<br />