Lost And Insecure

i decided to writ ethis,because i saw the site and it looked like something i could definitely relate to.everyday seems to be like the same old struggle-i want to be happy,but my thought harrass me with negative and dark things.i have a coupl of friends but no one ever seems to want to hang around me,except some people at the downtown mental health assoc.i made the mistake of telling someone i thought was a friend that i was there and he made fun of it ,like only crazy people go to places like that.sometimes i wonder if i am kinda crazy,cause life seems to cause me endless misery..i feel like i am unloved,and the few ppl who do love me,i am detached from and even have serious doubts about my marriage,becaus ethere is no passion.i comfort myself by drinking or smoking weed or just going out to at least be by other humans..i am just afraid its going to lead to suicide one of these days,and im sick of it.

carrie1979 carrie1979
26-30, F
2 Responses Feb 7, 2010

lo carrie,the bloke above spoke a lot of sense+im sorry i never read your story too.dont let all the morons get you to feeling suicidal,if theyhad the brains they were born with it would be them feeling suicidal.be good to hear you are alright.good bless,pedro.

you havnt been on hear in awhile so i dont know if youll get this message considering this is an old story, but i do understand and you shouldnt b made to feel crazy, anyone who would make someone feel that way and say thoses things is crazy and heartless. You would never treat people like that, which already makes you more sain then them and most people. At least your getting help. I hope you get this message and i hope you havnt done anything stupid. I think its crap that no 1 commented on this. Just wanted you to know someone cares and understands, except ive shut people out on purpose, couldnt take the majority of peoples heartlessness. Dont try to please everyone please yourself and keep the good in your life and shut out the bad. Hope to here from u