Lonely, Confused Or Just a Loser

what to say or what not say .... every person has a story .... mine is the loneliness .... I was raised by mother a lonely woman with 8 children .... We lived in Iraq between and we had to move on from place to place because of the war .... we came to denmark when I was 18 years old ....cold and hostle people to strangers .... I always wished to get a girlfriend to have a normal life ....9 years later nothing of that happened to me still lonely but much older .... No woman no love ....

alamood alamood
2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Hopefully, one day your pain will be gone, and you have a life of your own.

i can feel ur pain. but im just a student here at my place and only 16 just like u i think people are cold, insensitive and don't care about anything but themselves