I am 49 years old I am in the middle of my second failed marriage I have been disabled since I was 38 years old but did manage to hold my head above water until recently I have 3 children and 2 grandchildren one that I have not even seen yet my childrens mother and I started dateing in high school I was a seighnor and she a junior I finished but she got pregnant her seinior year wich was 1984 my real father had died in 1976 when I was 11 years old from a hereditary heart proble wigh I may or may not get I was also born with hereditary rickets wich is the cause of my now disability any way me and paula my first wife lived together starting in 1984 we had a basicly normal life when my second child was born we both worked and had a new car and 300 dollars in the bank we were together for 8 years and when she got pregnant with my third child we got married well my mom had been diagnosed with cancer a year befor that she went into remission for awhile but it came back are wedding was schedualed for aug 20 1988 my mom passed away on aug. 16th we buried my mom just 3 days befor my wedding it was set in her mind to see me get married as I am the last of 7 children my brother next to me was killed at the age of 5 by a drunk driver in California that's why my family moved to Oregon and I am sure that is why I am alive today I was a replacement for my brother that got killed so aug 20 88 I am married to years later my wife was tending bar in Monroe Oregon were she met the man she left me for and is still with today my children were 8/6/4 Sammy jo heather and Derek my family was ripped away from me lif has been downhill for me from there now I amd severly disabled on disability almost 3000 dollars behind on my rent 2 of my children don't even talk to me my second wife just left me and she was my care give left me in my chair that I live ine all alone in a 3 bedroom 4 plex I have never been alone in my life now im alone all the time not nowing if I am going to have a place to live tomorrow or eat something or help one of my children if they need it I have tried all the agencies but no one will help me I am emberessed of my situation if it wernt for my little dog I don't think I would have made it and I hate asking for help but I don't know what else to do help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

smitttyd smitttyd
51-55, M
Aug 29, 2014