Confusing But Amusing

  The last season and I 'm sorta  putting the big story together.  I like that show . I have to be on my game to put the pieces together.The castaways are in and out of the show..dead then alive. I'm wondering how it could end.  The writers must be laughing their heads off.  The title is more like the viewers being lost..not the survivors!    After all this time, I pray the end won't be stupid.     Luckily  there are reruns and marathons. I Like running captions scrolling at the bottom.   Wouldn't it be just like the writers to make the end a cliffhanger?  .

wiseowl wiseowl
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4 Responses Feb 28, 2009

Did anyone see and understand the ending last night.? .a good finale but ?? Needs interpretation..I got lost again!

You Must write a group on that called, " I understand LOST"..and will answer questions. That is a group I'd love to read! I went to Wikipedia for a few answers. :>}

I'd like to meet one person who's seen it all and get's it all.They had a crazy polar bear..what ever happened to him?

Yep I have Lost the will to live on this one.