I Am Lost Without Him

Lost without my son in my arms, lost in the day and the darkest of nights. He is 13 now, and thinks that he is much older. He has gone through allot and is in councelling at the moment with his younger brother, he hates the world it seems and I feel helpless. I am lost without him, he will not talk to me, and him and I where so close before, he thinks that living with his father is the best thing for him, now he is not the same son I knew. I am lost without his smile, and wonder if he will come back to me. He will not e-mail me, or even talk on the phone. I left an abusive relationship and now he hates me, or so I feel he does...any advice??? How do you get through a child of your own hating you so much, not talking to you? I am giving him space and time that is all I feel I can do at this time.. I am in a relationship now, someone who I love so deep, someone who is normal and treats me good...I want to marry this person more than life itself. I am finally happy, but missing my son...(FYI) he was mad at me before I even began this new realtionship.

LadyDove LadyDove
1 Response Feb 12, 2009

Thank you very much for your encouragement