The Long Road

Well it's taking me a number of years to realize that I am lost in this life. I'm now 37 years old and I seem to be repeating the same day over and over like I'm stuck in some lost moment. I look around and the world passed me by. I have been trying to remember the first time this started to happen, but a number of years have gone by too. I have tried to get myself interested in anything and just end up back. I find no real joy in life anymore and it bores me. I am so use to being alone too that I've ended up perfering it that way. I have have choosen to exile myself from life. I am just reminded of the guy from that movie the time machine where he's still in the same spot and everything else is going by and changing.
Pa1ad1n Pa1ad1n
36-40, M
2 Responses Jul 25, 2010

it will be fine hey

Thanks for the cooment. It's always nice to get an outside point of view where you might be blinded to the whole picture. :)