I Can't Find My Way Out

can someone help me? can anyone save me? i am so lost, so so lost. even my best friend who is like a sister to me can't help me. i went to her to cheer myself up but i ended up making myself sad again. so i left her room and came back to my own, my own lonely room. if you have asked me to stay, i still wouldn't... because even with her i still feel so lonely and so empty. i hate the person who makes me feel like this, why does he have to do this to me? i am aware that i have a choice to feel what i want to feel, but i cannot help it feeling so hurt this way. i just need a shoulder to cry on right now... and with her, i couldn't cry... i may laugh and smile with her, but deep down i am dying every minute. she knows this and she is trying her best to cheer me up. i just can't be cheered up... maybe i just need something to sink this feeling down... sigh.
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When I need to get over a guy, I make myself up and wear my favorite outfit and go out. Even if it's just to the store. The more guys notice u, the less u will notice the problem ur having.

could not have said it better!

Hello... I feel for you! But you have to move on.....There are plenty of fish in the sea....It is our choice that shows what we truly are for more than our abilities. The unknown is the scariest in the world but you have a choice and only you can make that choice. You have to release everything and not bother about a thing at all! Please stop feeling sorry for yourself and find something thats worth doing. After all summer is here have fun and get on with yor life! Good Luck.....Anto815

it is, 4 letter; life

If this is riddule and joke, she has done a good job, she would be a good entertainer. Keep it up.<br />
But where it is a real to live event, it is sympatetic and sad.