My Life

I am 22 and I live with my brother and his wife. I work 40hrs a week to pay my bills from going to college yet I am still there. My mom is crazy: i feel like its getting wosre every day that passes. My parents broke up when I was 20 and soemtimes i feel it was because of me because I am not like by brother and sister who are smart and going some where with there life. I feel like my parents are not proud of me or at lest they have never toldĀ  me that they are. My mom yells at me most of the time and everything is always my fult never hers or nayone elses even when it has nothing to do with me. I work hard for what i have every day. The thing that hurts worse is evey guy i meet one wants one thing (booty). When I just want a comitment someone i can call up cying because my mom hurt me once again meaning somthing she has said. No one knows how I really feel and I have no one I can talk to. Well i have to get to bedĀ  I have to work in the AM.
vandera1 vandera1
Jun 20, 2011