No Where

Hi, i'm new here and this is the only post i ever did in my life. It's embarassing for myself but here i go.
I am lost of whom I am.
I clearly do have metal disorders, but no one knows except myself. There is a pride in me is to not giving up and get pitied by, for that, I am alone. Though..., it's funny that after so many years, I still keep wishing that some day, someone will understand and guide me. Maybe not that to the extreme, but just maybe, a close friend whom you can always be together and have fun to forget the bad memories.

Every single day, anything I do,
I always got laughed at, being different, a loser, useless and all other *****.
It's true I sucks at everything. Always cause damage to everyone!

I hate it so much.
I regret a lot.
I want peace.

I always ask myself this, is death the answer?.
> Lol nope!
Then get over it and be strong, stupid girl!

I am tried...... I am tired of everything. Lol, I don't know what to do anymore but to live a harmless zombie life. I don't know any more.
BlackKirin BlackKirin
1 Response Jan 18, 2013

I hear you sister....I feel the same way...I just wish a light shows up...I have faded away as well. A zombie life...a unhappy sad one....maybe we can be friends and boost each other up.

Uh.. this is the first...0_0
I sure can...?
Hehe hi...