Poem From My Heart



I've had my ups, I've had my downs

I've been set off until my head pounds

Vie been abandoned, I've been all alone

I've been depressed, I've lost all I've known

I've tried suicide, I've been forgotten

I've been shot and stabbed, I've slashed my skin

I've done several drugs, I've been to jail

I've tried my best, I always fail

I've lost my best friends, I've lost my family

I've lost everything that makes a person free

I've been in fights, I've been hit by cars

I've been set aflame, I'm covered in scars

My jaw has been shattered, my ribs have collapsed

I've had surgery, my health has relapsed

I've lost my money, I've been on the street

I've been searched in public, cops threw me to concrete

I've moved away , haunted by my past

Trying to forget, but memories last

My hopes are shot down and drug through the mud

I've worked my hands raw until covered in blood

I too have loved, another thing I've lost

I've slept in the cold, tears froze with the frost

I've broken down, I've lost my way

I've seen redemption, it turned my away

--- Meghan Nelson

juggalettebingy juggalettebingy
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 20, 2007

This was incredibly written...knocked down but never out..