I Am Deeply In Love Wt A Friend

we both are high school friends & hv lost contact for 10yrs bfr we met again one fine day. we started by having weekly dinner. eventually we hang out more often. last 3 months a close friend of ours got married & we were both involved in the preparation. through the preparation, we began 2 hv a very close relationship. starting then we met very often & spent alot of time together. we starts 2 holds hand & hv a very close relationship. she makes me very happy & comfortable being wt her. a month ago, i confessed my feeling to her via sms. she said dat she likes me alot but relationship is not her priority now. aft the confession, we remain as close friend & still hang out as usual.

things started 2 change 2 weeks ago. she started 2 miss her ex-bf & also one of the guy dat is interested in her now. i know that my relationship wt her is nvr possible. she will nvr involved in homesexual relationship. looking at how much she misses other guy really hurts me alot. i hv been having a very bad heartache for the past 96hrs. i really dont know how 2 overcome this. im really lost.

weeshean weeshean
26-30, F
Feb 9, 2010