Moments Of Darkness

God is all light and no darkness is in Him. Every righteous decision he makes is for a greater good, to assure His plan. Because He is God three in one, Jesus gives believers the Holy Spirit. Otherwise our sinful nature takes over, and all our fleshly desires lead us to darkness.
Regardless of the darkness i have overcome, to be a light in the world is not easy. I know that love covers all sin. I was so full of hate before I got saved that the dark thoughts I had continued. Forgiveness is not easy to take when all the Devil wants to do is remind you of all your failures.
Still I know that to be the light, to be the calling from heaven I was sent for I have to be bold. Confidence is one thing, but to be truly confident in Gods word enough to pass it on, and help others believe it is a whole other trip. I am on a life long journey to be Love And Light.
Fight The Good Fight.
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So, about the whole 3 in 1 thing...if God is the ultimate power/creator of all, why would he be 3 in 1? Why? Never got that...if you don't mind elaborating. :)

God is an invisible God the Holy Spirit is a gift given to the elect, along with eternal life.. The Son Died for our sins the word became flesh He sent His Son to earth to lead us to righteousness and He is our way to eternal life! :) Bless you

You never questioned why God so powerful would have a son, like us humans? It would make God like humans and He isn't. He doesn't have relations like us, so why a son? Just wondering? Sorry to bother but thanks for your time! :)

Half man half god, since our chance at life without sin was ruined in the garden of Eden, by adam and eve. they ate from the free of knowledge of life and death ruining us and giving us a sinful nature we are all born with now. God sent His son who was tempted in the same way we are but never sinned, they crucified Him for calling himself God and therefore reserected in 3 days making God word fully true to our salvation but only if you trust in the impossible

Thanks for your explanation and your time! :)

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Wish I could have as much faith in God as you do. Glad you were able to overcome and continue to fight the darkness in you, it takes a strong person to do so. I hope you never lose that faith you have, it is a beautiful thing.