or so I'm told.  Most of the time they think I'm lovable enough to take advantage of.  You know the ones.  they find you have a heart and care about people, and then ask you for this favor and that favor over and over and over repetitiously to the point that you end up doing everything you can to avoid the person, because you dare to have your own life and family to care about and need to do for, but can't because you're always busy for this person, or if you do say you do have something else then you're an "awful person" for not wanting to help somebody out.  Nevermind the fact that if you ask for a minute favor, they can't because "I've got this other thing to do, and I just possibly can't help you out this one time.  Oh, by the way, can you...?"

Sarcasm aside, yes, once you get to know me, I guess I am a lovable person for the most part

silvermystics silvermystics
51-55, F
Jun 4, 2007