He Saved Me...

I started working at my place of occupation about 6 months ago. And at first, I could not stand one of my coworkers. He was flirty and annoying and just all over me. I hated him. Then, he started messaging me on Facebook, and I didn't want to ignore it, I wanted to see what he wanted. We got to talking, and a week later, he asked for my number. We got to texting, and it became a daily thing, and we just never ran out of things to say. Turns out, we had so much in common. Girls broke his heart, and he had given up on looking for someone for the rest of his high school career. I felt the same way, I was tired of giving up. He had told me in the beginning that he was "a loner" and wasn't the dating type, and a month later, he asked me out. When I brought up the matter he simply said "Everyone else is cruel and rude, then I met you.."
I've honestly never been this happy. Every date is like a first date. Every kiss is just as sweet as the first. I still get butterflies when his name comes up on my caller ID. Matthew jacob is seriously the best thing that has ever happened to me...
Pookienumber1v Pookienumber1v
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1 Response Mar 12, 2012

Aww I'm so happy for u!