Just For You Know

I've got to be the saddest individual I know
and I know I'm not alone

there are many out there
wandering souls not sure about themselves
on the verge of some insane explosion of terror within

the only ease of this dibilitating mindset
comes from learning more about myself
the inner mechanisms that drive
along with the unspeakable love of a patient soul

who feels my virtue
recognizes my pain, and knows when to walk away
gives me the time and space needed to battle
the demons aggressively tearing me apart inside

the love and respect I have for him
he may never really know
I appreciate every moment we have
no matter how sad I may seem

I am thankful
and hope he knows how proud and happy
he truely makes me.

- bdmthrfkr

bdmthrfkr bdmthrfkr
36-40, F
May 30, 2012