My True Love Story ...

Story of a fairy
I am gonna write about a girl who given me mean of life. Before to write about her I would like to introduce myself, I am jaseem belongs to India and doing a job in abroad.
It was middle of 2008, I used to have conversation with new friends on, one day I had a conversation with a girl and her name was PARI. She too belongs to India. We had simple conversation that day but day by day we used to spend plenty of times to chat with each other. We had exchanged our Gmail id and left Now, gmail was our way of conversation. I have given her my mobile number but she refused to save it and told me that she not gonna call .
After couple of months I got new assignment and was busy with my job and she was busy to preparation of her coming examination. We had no conversation many days.
One day while I was preparing to go on bed I got a message around 00:30 HRS , it was funny sms but I don’t know the sender so I have called back on that number but nobody picked up the phone I have tried plenty of times but all in vain. Next day I got an email from PARI that please don’t call it was I who messaged you at night and told me that it was sent by mistake. After that I didn’t call her back but I saved her mobile number.
After a month i went to India for vacation. it was 30-Nov-2009, while I was coming back to my home after playing of cricket, i don’t know what happened to me, my heart forcing me to call to PARI, I thought lot and finally decide to call her. I heard first time voice of PARI it was so soft, bit scared but finally introduce myself and she not opposed me to talk. We started to talk, I was so happy and night we have exchanged sms also. Our telephonic conversation started rapidly for long hours.
Worst part yet to come, as my vacation going to finished and I told her that I am going back to abroad after a week, she was bit nervous. Finally day of departure came, we were in touch whole day through mobile and crying for each others.
I came back to abroad and started my job and trying to settle down my life again but it was not easy because I was feeling that I am in love with PARi , can’t stop myself to call her again and again. We addicted to talk with each other. Finally we have accepted that we are in love and decided, let it happen for good.
Days were passing so quickly and we were living our life with our dreams, every day we used to chat and talk hours and hours. She was good cook and everyday used to taught me a new recipe and asking to send the pics to make sure it’s made perfectly.
Once I said to her that I cannot offer my morning pray because its very hard to wake up early morning, from that day she started to call me early morning to remind me that you have to pray and wake up now. Though she was so lazy to wake up in early morning but because of my prayer she used to wake up early morning to call me. She was so dedicated towards me and used to care small-small things. We were living our life without much bother about our coming days, as we knew that we are together for short span and we have to separate very soon.
A year passed and it’s my time to go India for vacation. We were so exciting that we gonna meet soon, can’t explain in words that how we were eager to meet with each other. Finally I went to India and decided to meet on 01st Dec 2010. She was from different province and it was around 1200 km from my village.
On 30th nov 2010 I left my home and was going to meet my PARI, had a long journey by train. Whole journey I was thinking how should I react what to do what not to do, how should I look like and what to say when I would face first time to my pari,
At early morning around 11:00 o clock I was in her city. I accommodated in a hotel and give her room number and address of location. The hotel was very near to her home she said that she gonna come within five minutes, finally she came in to hotel I could listen her voice of payal while she was coming towards my room the gate was open and i was isolated in room, feeling so scared and nervousness. She came front of door I saw my pari first time on that day , my mind was blank I don’t know how to react.

To be continued ..... in next post
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Jan 13, 2013