My Muse, My Guardian, My Home

There are not enough positive adjectives to describe the man who has taken residence in my heart.  I could say he is amazing, but that wouldn't be strong enough.  I could say that he is wonderful, but that wouldn't even begin to touch the person he is.

Dasmuggler came into my life at the right time.  I believe Karma might have had something to do with it.  My heart had been broken again.  I had nothing to be happy about.  I was stressed, I was lonely, I was starting to doubt that I would ever be needed or loved again.  And, like the first glass of water given to a person who had been stranded in the desert forever, he walked into my life.  

But this isn't all about his love for me.  I want to tell everyone how incredibly amazing he is. 

He is my muse.  He has awakened my creativity again.  He has sparked my mind into wanting to learn again.  He is one of the most intelligent men I've ever known.  And he's passionate about the things he likes.  He's loyal.  He's protective.  He's sweet. 

I know he'd be there all hours of the night if I needed him. 

He makes me laugh harder than I have in such a very long time.

He calls me when he says he'll call.  (Listen up men, you could all learn a lesson from him!!)

He "tucks" me in at night. 

He is an animal lover. 

And he's following his dreams.  Which inspires me to be a better person. 

I just can't say enough about this beautiful man.  I am a very lucky girl.  And I could even consider him my "knight in shining armor". 

I can't thank you enough for saving me, Das.  And I vow to you, promise you, with every inch of my being that your heart is safe with me. 

CuriosityKitten CuriosityKitten
31-35, F
6 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Thank you, HAL.

hi CuriosityKitten .. how are you.. this is very nice.. Big Hugs* ^_^

And I'll be here to help you up any time you may stumble. I'll be here to help you through everything, just as you have and are helping me.

You have saved me as well my love

Thank you, Doll.

I'm so happy for you, CK! Big hug and kiss!