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I do not think it is possible for humans to love me for who I am. Animals however love unconditionally. They don't care if i'm ugly, poor and depressed, they don't ask for much in life. My dog loves me for sure and I can achieve special bonds with horses. People on the other hand just don't want to know. They take one look at me and run.
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Soundofsilence, I agree with you. Pets are able to give unconditional love. Even when you get home late and forgot to put food in the bowl and even when you are too tired to take them for a walk. <br />
My dog died 2 months ago. She was a cute little golden retriever when I got her. 6 months later she had grown into a mature, loving and beatiful companion. She was full of all the love a person could hope for. She was 9 months old when I came home and found her. She would not come to the sound of me in the house or to the sound of me calling her name. She was just lying still and I knew something was very wrong. She was normally jumping all over the place when I entered the front door, ready to jump and lick my face. (I still had not stopped her from jumping on me, and she was really big at that age. But, I rather liked all the attention.) But that day was different, she would not respond in anyway, so I reluctantly went over to her. I am a RN, so I tried to perform CPR, but still, she would not move, and I knew.......<br />
She was gone.<br />
I miss her terribly, especially at night. She would lay at the foot of the bed, and occassionally brush against me, just to let me know she was there. We brushed our teeth together each morning. She would follow me to the bathroom and wait patiently while I brushed my teeth. When I was finished, she would jump up on the sink, plant her huge paws on the counter and let me brush hers. (I think she liked the taste of toothpaste.) That one simple act of togetherness was all I needed to start my day off right. You are fortunate to have a dog who loves you and shows you love. I wish I could go back to the day my puppy died and do something different or hold her really tight for just one minute to show her how much I loved her. I knew how important she was to me, I just don't know if I showed her.

Then you are ahead of some humans! YOu know what they say: Trust the instincts and likes of animals and babies! You obviously are a good person! =}