It's The Little Things

This is pretty stupid, but it gave me an "I am loved" moment.
I recently took an exam that was pretty crucial. I was nervous before it, nervous after it, and had turned my phone off for the day of it in order to focus.
When I turned the phone back on after it was over, I had 13 voicemails and 5 text messages from parents, grandparents and close friends who had been supporting me and putting up with my ridiculously stressed-out rants leading up to the test. Some were cheering me on from before it started, most were asking how it went.
Based on past performance, I tend to worry far too much about these things, and they're incredibly patient for resisting the urge to say, "Oh, shut up. You'll be fine."
I have wonderful people in my life.
citystargazer citystargazer
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2 Responses Jul 19, 2010

Definitely. It doesn't get any less nice when it happens a lot, either! :)

Sometimes it is nice to have your eyes opened to that fact.