I'm picky about those I love.  I'm absolutely not into everything.  But when I love, I know no limits and I take risks. 


I'm happily married but I have some sweethearts.  Not too many, of course, because they need time to be taken care of.  They are very generous to me when I do.  Generally I'm grateful and understanding with my adored women, though my beloved and beautiful wife, who asks for nothing, wears the crown and cannot be pushed from her throne. 

Maybe you wonder why I need anybody else.  Well, the need to be loved and to love of this lucky guy is insatiable. 

Life is for the privileged people we are -I mean those able to read this for instance- rather simple.  It's enough to apply the rule of paradise: what you give is what you get. 

Our heart will be broken by the one in the middle only if we break hers.

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4 Responses Mar 13, 2010

Love your self, too.

I bet it does..........LOL!

it keeps me fit, Sylphie

Such quenchless love........hmm........must be tiring... ;)