An Important Part Of Who I Am...

When I first joined EP a few months ago, I wasn't going to talk about 2 things. Politics and Religion. 

Why? Because too often people have their own preconceived ideas about both of these and they can start to make judgments about you based on these preconceived ideas which are the farthest things from the truth or reality. 

Politics isn't so bad for me in a way. I would consider myself an independent. I vote for the person, not the party. Enough said about politics!  :-)

Religion is something that I believe is more misunderstood than understood. 

I believe many times people are or belong to a particular religious affiliation for all the wrong reasons. 

An example of this would be someone who is a ______ simply because his parents and family are _______. They've never taken the time to think for themselves if they truly understand and believe what that faith represents. Which also leads to another class of people who just take other people's word for what such and such means according to their faith. They don't take the time to sit down and really understand it for themselves. And so they can be really wrong, but believe they are really right because so and so.... or their religious leader says so. 

I took several years looking at all major religions and learning about them to try and discover what my path would be. I was not going to simply accept the faith(s) of my parents as being the correct one(s). It was a most interesting journey. And although for myself I can not accept these other religions, at least I feel I have a basic understanding of them and I'm not afraid of discussing them one way or another. 

So my faith is important to me even in the times when I am not living it as I should be. It has sustained me in many difficult situations. It has taught me many valuable lessons. When I didn't walk in my faith, especially during difficult times, life was so much more unbearable. 

Don't you just love how I am talking around what my faith is?     :-)   

Am I ashamed of it? Absolutely not. 

The only reason I am reluctant to share it is because I didn't want to be dismissed by someone on EP simply because I am of any particular faith. There are many people who have no faith at all or simply don't believe in a God or Gods in any form and steer clear of that. I wouldn't be here to flaunt my faith around others anyway. I would prefer people get to know me rather than make some judgments about me based on their ideas of what my faith is all about. I can guarantee you most people have less of an idea what my faith teaches than they think they do and that includes so many people who had at one time belonged to it. They now think they are an expert of it when they really didn't understand it then or now. 

And before you panic, my faith is mainstream so its not some small little cult or some such. hehehe

So for now, I'll leave it at that. Gotta keep ya guessing!  


Best Wishes! Mel

lovelife2themax lovelife2themax
51-55, M
Feb 16, 2010