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I've enjoyed cyberspace/internet since around 1995 when I first joined AOL. When my only work was selling books online, I practically lived in cyberspace. I still am online, but now that Spring is trying to grab hold, I'll be getting outdoors and hiking and taking tons of nature pics as my new hobby. 

Oh yeah, this is supposed to be about Facebook! hehehe Well the biggest reason I joined Facebook was because at my security job at Loras College, the students were always asking me if I had a Facebook account and I decided to start one so if they wanted, they could learn more about me and perhaps our common interests would open up doors at better communication and getting to know each other. Because you work security, some students get on the defensive and anything that can reduce that is better all the way around in my opinion. 

So I have a Facebook account and most of my info is available to the public because I am a pretty open person. Being anonymous on EP has not always suited me very well because I am pretty much an open book and it just feels like I am trying to hide something being anonymous, but I certainly understand the benefits that this site and being anonymous have. Initially, it did feel better and easier to express myself in particular about my marriage. And I am sure that helped me by having a venue to express myself. Thanks EP. 

I also thought that perhaps with some things unsaid it would be easier to share and even more importantly to try and help others who were having difficulties. Unfortunately, people tend to judge others or form opinions about them based on their own ideas about a person's religion, culture, politics or whatever and because of that it becomes a wall and they are no longer interested in what you might have to say because they are now filtering that through their own perceptions or misconceptions. So I tried to weigh the pros and cons of that. 

In the end, I believe for better or worse, that I have to be true to myself as I have always tried to be my entire life. Its impossible to please everyone. If someone throws up an obstacle to what I have to say, then that is truly their loss. And its not that I think I know everything because I don't and I probably never will, but because my opinion or thoughts are sincere and I genuinely care about people and am only trying to help others. And that's why I can often overlook opposing opinions because its more about who we are as people then just our only focusing on what we believe about something which in our lifetimes we could easily change our opinions about. 

So with that, I am no longer going to be anonymous. Should you want to view my Facebook pages and photo albums, they are available to the public for viewing. Just search for me: Melvin H Waller    I include my middle initial because there are at least 8 Melvin Waller's in the U.S. Currently I have the same profile pic that I am using here as of the date I write this post. 

Best Wishes! Mel Waller

lovelife2themax lovelife2themax
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Mar 15, 2010