We Can Never Be Together....sob

Ive always had a crush on this guy. Sometimes our eyes would meet and we would smile at eah other.....i love his sweet smile. Every night, i miss him. And i imagine us together, lying side by side,occasionally resting on his chest to feel his warmth and listen to his heartbeat.

But i told myself to suppress all my love for him.... because i know we can never be together. :'(

My love.....my love..... my love
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7 Responses Nov 19, 2012

I definitely know what that's like but he's around my age but I can't tell him. I know what it's like wanting his arms around me as I go to sleep. The closest thing I have is my bear which is HUGE so I sleep on that and it makes it seem really real but it's not. :(

felt the same way about someone so sorry :/

Mine is also my teacher! He's 38 and I'm 16...

I do this to but mine is 23 i'm 13 and he's in north Dakota. why is love so hard?

It probably wasnt love, I mean unless if you consider love something transient that comes and goes. Love to me is something only some people experience and they only experience it once. And thats when you meet that one person who you never want to be away from and always wish to hold. You probably were just attractted to this boy, I am sure you will find someone who you have profound and meaningful feelings for at some point throughout your journey in life.You just need to keep seeking what it is you yearn.

I can't be with mine either..he's my teacher/lecturer...and out of my league and so much better than I am....sh** I am so sad as well atm....why can't you be with yours..is he taken already? I'm scared that the guy I like is taken too!!

cant u be with him