I am tired of living in a sexless marrage.I am looking for a woman that wants a good ,honest ,hard working man that only needs sex .I can do all the other things for myself ,cooking laundry and hell I am hardly at home anyway .All you gotta do is spend my money and **** me when I get home till I leave .I want nasty sit in my face ,suck me **** me sex.You can **** all or anybody even while I am there as long as I get some too.I think life is to short to stay starved and horny for ***** all the time .I think it is time to give her the boot after 30 years and let her fend for herself ,then mabey she will spread her legs .She really does not give a **** what I do anyway so I think it is time to remedy the situation .She has it made and does not want to take care of me so I say goodby to her and hello to another.She says she is sick and does not feel good and having problems with menopause but will not go to the doctor .Mabey I am wrong ,just tired of doing without for so long .Not just ***** either ,I miss hugging and kissing ,everyday affection .

brkfarmer brkfarmer
46-50, M
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I was just checking if my application was in cuz at this point I'm ridiculously horny on you xxx<br />
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Pfwww I'll be back to post a we want video link

lol @ me

you have the job if you want it

I have 3 stories where sexy men like you can deposit their candidacy for sweet *****, but you qualify with no application<br />
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Ebony Woman 4 Caucasian Men <br />
<br />
Strong Desire, Physically Powerful Hunger...<br />
<br />
Toc Toc & Dring Dring

Wow! I am so sorry...You should let her go and find someone else. You sound like the perfect man, what's the problem with this woman?