To This My Own I Say You

Have I fallen somehow. Feet off the ground. This combination is perfect.I am grounded by the forces at bay.Yet I am ever greatful . To debate. To get philisophical. To be set free from judgement chains. How we kneel and seek with washing hands words to cleanse a soul. Teach me. Then help me to hear.
Never think twice before bringing forth a smile.A true life without regret to the end. In it all ,I have called .. I have see the vanished , one by one,but when the eyes are on me cast. I say you.
You had the heart to tell it right. If you keep your head when all is about you. If you trust when often in doubt. If you wait and not be tired of waiting.Soon then, from hearts will up root a sweetness so great. It is promised. "Wait For It" "I Will never Disappoint You"
maxie2141 maxie2141
51-55, F
Jan 15, 2013