Often my mum tells me I act too much like a guy; i'm messy and don't fold my clothes, I leave my books on the floor, i don't pack my bag for school until morning etc but it doesn't bother me. I dress to express my personality or simply in what i like and is comfy, and i feel like it's a waste to buy dresses, and high heels i can't walk in and never get to wear. I like jewellery, but i mostly just wear my watch and my garnet Isle of Lewis Chessmen bracelet with garnet stones. If i spill, i shrug it off and wipe it later. If my jeans have a huge stain, i'll go over them with a cloth and put them back on. I mostly like converse and vans for shoes. I wear makeup sometimes but i don't like lots. I never wear fake nails or fake eyelashes or fake tan like most girls i know do. I wouldn't say i'm a slob because i do wash and wash my clothes regularly, just not very tidy hehe.

Sometimes i do wish i was a guy, i actually prefer a lot of guys clothes like checked shirts and loose jeans and i'd love to grow a moustache and see what it's like to pee standing up. But then i think, i get to have long hair and curves, so maybe being a girl isn't so bad after all. Maybe i'm not that different, i'm just me :)
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That's 2 of us

Guys like low maintenance girlfriends, so you are the perfect girlfriend.

You are you and you are PER-FECT!

Thank you Chris :D