I Am Luck to Find Medicine For My Bipolar and My Voice.

I am so glad I found medicine for my bipolar and voice.
It was hard for me as a kid to have them and a young and older adlut to have them with not right medicine.
I had it all my life.
But just learn about 21years ago that I had bipolar
It has been hard for me.
But the medicine has sure help me alot.

I used to shake so much and some time I do.
But not as bad.
But the medicine they give me helps that a lot.
And it is not to shake .
It is abarsasing to have some one come up to and say don't be so nerves .
When you are so try not to shake.

I been blessed when they found mediciine.
And it has just been over some years they found it.
My parents did not find me help for my illness.
It took me alot of years to find some one to help me.
So I am glad they found some thing out there for us bipolar people to take.

A long time ago .
They did not have any thing to take.
It has just been over the years they are come out and have some thing to take.

I feel I am blessed so much.

I don't wanted to live the way I did .
With out medicine.

I do Thank God for that.

It was a terrible live in the pass and never wanted to go back to that life.

lashanda lashanda
51-55, F
Apr 15, 2007