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I have cerebral palsy (look it up) but I have a mild case where i just have a limp and my arm turns in. I was never able to play sports in highschool unless it was the special Olympics so i always felt left out but when I'd talk to councilers , therapists, friends, even my mother they'd say " you are so lucky that you didn't have a worse case"
Ok, no....

You know I'm unlucky I get to sit here and watch my friends and family ... Be in a sport, play an instrument , hell even go in the f'in army and what do I get to do? Sir here cheer them on and hope they don't find out I envy them and cry every night wishing there was a way to be phisically able to do what they can do
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So sorry to hear that!!!! :( :( :( :(

I could once evreything, but after a handball acident, I can't much... I was 15 when it happened. I have some thing called Crps (sort version of the full name...) and it has spread more over the body since I got it.
Have fought to try as normal life as I can.

Now a doctor has found something that he doesn't know what it is.
He was irritaded at him self for not knowing what it is was and that he doesn't know how to help.
I think first time I found it on one finger on one hand and it was about 1 month ago maybe up to 2 months ago. Now it is in alle the fingers in that hand and has also began in the other hand.
In need maybe to give up on my bussnies school that I have fought to come trough in some years now. Normaly people go 3 years and then done at my school, but I need to take it over more years, beacuse I can't like others, 3 years. It is to much for me. I live constant pain day and night beacuse Crps..
No one can understand it. Family or friends. And there is no one living her that has Crps that I can talk to...

I must fight to get stuff that can help me to contiune my life, beacuse I get the respons that they don't know anything about Crps so it can't exist. (even if I get papers from doctors who specielise in crps that proves I have it, that I need the stuff and what it is... Also give them many info from the net also)

I know one person, that knew another person that got the right help right away and got rid of crps...
I live in small place, so it is not normal her to that people have it....

I know the feeling that one self feels that one can only cheer other people on and try to hide one can feel abit of envy......
It is a realy bad feeling!!! :( :( :(

I think there is a physical limit you can oush yiurself to and over if you desire. Be whatever best you can be. You may not be on the team or in the military but you can be your personal best. I encourage it.

that's the hand you are dealt with. how are you going to play your cards? instead of sitting there complaining about what you can't do, go find something that you can do. easier said than done, I know, but it's for the best.