Oh My!

I can't believe there is no stories in this group!! Well this is mine.


I am loved  thoroughly  by my two beautiful children. No matter how many times I serve frozen waffles for breakfast I am the best cook in the world. I am even at my worst "the most beautiful mommy in the whole wide world"  I am eternally grateful to my beautiful babies for the endless love, acceptance and joy they fill my life with. I could not be any happier then I am as a mother. My children have given my life a true meaning that I will never take for granted.

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This is so lovely, thank you for sharing! May you be loved for ever

That is great.<br />
because yours thoughts been always so pure never dirty.

lol yes it is very true Roni!! I am well aware that this peace will not last forever and I am not going to waste a drop of it!! :D