So Lucky to Have Friends Like U..

I m not alone,i m so lucky to have friends like u..from where to start..i m so grateful to each i think i cant say about everyone.. floydian,always understanding and such a good friend..missbebe,what can i say,shes so nice like my sister..santanarex,something more than a friend and glad i know him..shine,has a beautiful heart...lucifer,great friend and like a brother..loveisreal,also my sister..tinkerbell,the best fairy i ve met..jimmygeorge,hehe so understanding ..cooldude1,now getting to know u but u are sooo cool...mewold,such a great person..fennella,a princess..bobfrost,before even knowing each other he showed so much care..tendereyesprincess,such a beautiful heart...sleepless34,thanxs for talking..oddhuman,the first person i met here..hal9001,always there to talk..kindamagic,always ready to listen and advise..mahsa,shes has a strong heart i know..ebunbury,great friend and learned a lot about stars too..latristessedurera,understanding--i guess my friends are so understanding and so...i m so..lucky..!! i know there are more friends..i love them all,they are all in my heart** :) hugs*

annasangels annasangels
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8 Responses Feb 23, 2009

its nice to know an angel thats so happy.

i m glad too*i feel really lucky for having my friends here

your something more than a friend to me too :) and i am so lucky to know you. Thx I feel blessed that you r in my life Angel!

hugs to u Tp*

thanxs :)<br />
<br />
and hal even if i didnt write all my friends here i have them all in my heart*

i am very happy to have you as my friend. you are very sweet person and always try to help others.. i am very pleased to be in your list. Thank you... angel.. i am also very happy for you. yours Hugs* ^_^ HAL

wow, you are very lucky to have such great friends, but then again it taked a great friend in the first place.

:) say cooooolllll hehe