Close Calls

I may not have any luck when it comes to money-making, but I've had a lot of close calls where I could have easily died.  

Example:  I was once in the bed of a pick up truck that flipped when I was 17.  It was turning on my side so I couldn't jump out or anything, I just held on tight.  My other friend was thrown from the bed, landed on his feet and ran behind a tree because he thought it was going to explode.  I just crawled up out of the mud, realizing that I was a few inches away from being crushed to death, and walked over to the cab to see if my two other friends in there were alive.  They looked fine, and so was I aside from getting a pretty filthy.

The truck was on it's side.  We obviously couldn't just flip it back over to go home, but for some hilarious reason, we actually tried.  The driver kept repeating, "My dad's gonna kill me!" over and over.  I just was thankful I wasn't him, and already thinking of how I was going to explain this to my mom.

The cop who showed up was probably the most giggly officer in the county.  He just thought the whole thing was hilarious, and after talking to me and the other guy who was in the bed he said, "Wow!  You guys are just lucky to be alive huh?!"  and laughed some more.  He looked over at me and said, "Well, you seem fine" being that I was the only one not shaken up by almost dying.  I just shrugged.

I don't know if it's that I'm just very detached or relaxed, but stuff like that rarely gets to me.  I mean, I've never even really been hurt.  Both my wrists have been broken at some point in time, but neither injury caused any real problems for me.  Other than that, just scrapes and bruises.  Given that I've made a lot of stupid mistakes in my life, I think it's amazing I'm still alive at all.  I'm probably one of the most unhappy people I know, but I'm also clearly the luckiest.  Though I suppose it's just a matter of perspective.  

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Crazy Story!!<br />
Heh - well I know who I would want with me if I ever had a brush with death - no way Id keep calm and cool!