My Promise Was Kept For Me.

A year ago friday was the anniversary of my best friend's death in a car crash.

We had made a promise that if either of us died, every time the date rolled around instead of mourning, we would do something fun with the people we cared about. We had initially thought it would be our close group of friends, and we would all keep the promise together. It didn't end up that way. After he died, we fell apart.

I wasn't planning on keeping the promise.

I had more than half expected to not make it through the first year. I thought one way or another, I would just die.

Well, I didn't. But I still didn't plan on keeping our pact.

And then I found out my Hispanics group at school was taking a trip to the zoo that same day. What better opportunity to keep the promise?


For a week or so, that was my plan.

And then the day before that my 'little brother', a close friend of mine, picked a fight with me for no obvious reason. He rounded on me for following him in the hallway. We were going to the same class, and sit next to each other.

I started having second thoughts about keeping the promise, because he was in the group. I thought that if somehow that day was ****** up, I would never be able to handle it.

I went anyway. We sorted out the problem in the morning, and ended up spending the entire trip together.


It saved my day.


I was in a group of my friend, his little cousin and his uncle, and one kid I didn't know.

Whenever I started to 'space out', think about my friend and get upset, my little brother got a kick out of jumping at me and scaring me shitless. Every time I spaced out. And every time, I went after him and socked him in the stomach for it.

Every time.

He kept me from thinking about things by mocking me,

And mimicing me,

And noticing sports cars,

And talking about hacking and computers,

And tickling me,

And everything else you could possibly think of.



He just saved friday by being himself.



I may have lost the most deticated and rare group of friends on the planet when Chris died,

Not to mention the rarest of them all,

But I'm so lucky to have the friends I do now.

As immature as they are,

And as cushioned as they grew up,

As moody and ridiculous as they can be.


I am one of the luckiest people in the world.

I am lucky to have my friends.


Thanks, bro.

HelloRobynHood HelloRobynHood
13-15, F
Mar 15, 2009