I Am Luna

Hello I am LUNA ,Guess you may have wondered what LUNA looks like and who she is . I am LUNA my master KARLA  adopted me in APRIL 12,2003 She adpoted me in LAKELAND FLORIDA  at the S.P.C.A  . iam a bit of a clepto i love knocking stuff off the desk . i love to snuggle under the covers . most of the time i just stay in the bedroom with my husband GIZMO hes the gray long haired cat. any way my master moved us to ky with FRANKIE a striped  tabbie cat , he was rescued after the 2005 hurricanes in fla. he moved with us and he died that december. i miss FRANKIE . WELL IVE GOT A NEW HUBBY GIZMO hes pretty nice tom cat . any way he and i have been married sents the summer of 2007 . we arnt planning a family . its just he and i. i.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Hi Iam GIZMO Iam the gray kittie cat iam lunas other half. iam a 1 year old TOM PRESION KITTIE . i met my wife she lived nexk door to me for awhile . my hobbies are playing in  PEPSI BOX  that the human named KARLA brings me . shes such a sweetie she lets me sleep on her sotf  silk pink pillow . i dont think she likes it too well when i drull on her when she pets me but i just love her petting me it make my mouth just water or drull . i love to sleep about 3 hours at a time when LUNA and i love to run all over the bed i get so wound up that my master gets mad she threws pillows at us to make us stop running all over the bedroom at 3am or when she really gets mad she shoots us with the water thing shes got. she a cool master i talk to her alot but i cant aways understand what she says ....shes a cool cat

lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
5 Responses Feb 2, 2008

maybe not but the image of that typing cat chasing the mouse sure did make me laff ...

I remember seeing a driving cat on TV several years ago, so a typing cat doesn't seem all that remarkable.

Thanks forthe comments.<br />
Well, I use the Paw poke method of typing. My only problem is the un controllable urge to chase the Mouse around the Desk...

my master wont let me go out side ,besides i dont like the out doors .

How do you manage to type...do you have a tiny cat size keyboard? Does your husband know there are bad toms on here that only want you for one thing....?<br />
<br />
Be careful after dark....even if you can see better than us humans!