She Is Perfection

I have never met anyone like this woman.

not only is she beautiful, her beauty doesn't stop there.

she is truly amazing,there is just something about her that makes me want to get closer and closer to her.

And i'm loving her attention.
51-55, M
40 Responses Aug 4, 2010

come on over, there is so much i have here for you. you might not wanna leave.

that avi tx, you are such a beautiful woman. i have lusted for a many a woman tx but seeing you just brings it out like never before. :)

thank you for your comment mrcrimson3x so true.

my attorney has instructed me not to comment on the matter until we are in court. <br />
<br />
you gave them to me, that's my story and i'm sticky to them. lol

Huh! By THIS time I wouldn't be surprised if his "dab" wasn't in half adozen pair of panties he's stolen!!!!!

just say when, i am on call 24 hours. :)

LOL!!!! :-D I bet you do! *wink*

well i got a big dab for you. :)

*giggle* ok, I don't need much, a little dab will do me *wink*n ;-)

there is plenty of lust for you, Pix you don't have to ask. hell i was lusting last week when you accused me of stealing your panties. lol

Do you have a little lust left over for me Ptman? :-)

my attorney is my prosecutor? ';''/>?//.,*/ er. ok back to the drawing board.<br />
<br />
so tell me ServeMistressP are you avail?

She is a most lucky woman, PTMan, to have inspired this palpable longing in you. And I can't begin to express My delight to know that you longing is not based on her breasts or other physical properties, but on the very essence of who she is. That is the most powerful, most enduring form of lust there is...<br />
<br />
I do hope you survive the trial to lust another day, but I'd be more than a bit worried if I were you now that Troubleshooter has been recruited as the prosecuting attorney...<br />
<br />
~waves at TS, lover first and foremost and wanders back to attend to Her own lust and lusting admirers~

lala, everytime i look at your avi's and your fantastic looking breasts. you send me into a lusting frenzy.

ooo I wanna know too!

thank troubleshooter. <br />
<br />
you can definately be my attorney in this case. :)

you had cloth on? noooo no no. lol

A GREAT idea my dear txwoman2... PTMAN stands accused!!!! He is a no-good dirty rotten panty-thief of the worst kind.... or, well, actually a pretty cool dude who happens to have a panty-perv going...<br />
<br />
But he DID steal my panties and then tried to flip my skirt while I was commando!!! TRUTH!

lies, all lies tx. <br />
<br />
go read my story and you will know how i became the owner of all this panties. lol

you can be the judge tx, cause i know you will give me your panties. lol

all four of you? i got you alls panties. that's not bad is it? heheh

I DID NOT! YOU ARE A PANTY THIEF.... Just ask me, Pixie, TW2, and EM!

no names Sara, i have to protect the innocent. lol<br />
<br />
PANTY THIEF? really. you have to tell this people the truth, you took them off and said here PTman. and i took them. lol

So c'mon, ptman, you panty-thief... tell us who your vision of beauty is....

believe me snow your not out of the loop. :)

Umm so no hints? I feel totally out of the loop PTMAN :)

exactly what i said. oh my. isn't she just the most beautiful woman. wow

when we see sparks, then we are so close that we become one. is that close enough?

there are many loveistreason.

who is the most beautiful woman on EP? ;p

cjpsf5, no i'm the lucky one.<br />
<br />
Liz, my beautiful friend i lust for you all the time. <br />
<br />
chiquita didn't mean to anything by it. i'm just have this everlasting smile. <br />
<br />
1foru i believe that it is lustville. we just don't know it. till now. lol

PT man, I am well aware of the definition of "lust", I can assure you...I was merely hoping for the best for you. Good luck.

You go PTMAN... Great man this woman found !!

YES LUST 1foru<br />
<br />
have you ever lusted for someone or something?<br />
<br />
it feels great. lol

no mother, i have only seen her charm and her inner beauty.<br />
and that is what makes me lust for her.<br />
<br />
<br />
chiquita, lust is to want something. it doeasn't mean that i will ever get to first base. lol<br />
<br />
TEP, my harem is my home. :) the most beautiful ladies to grace EP.

Awww....You are so darn cute. I hope things work out for you. = )

thanks WIB. <br />
<br />
Mother, just well enough to lust. lol

i don't know mother. but you never know where it goes. lol <br />
<br />
right now i'm just lusting. lol

lucky guy ptman!!

and so are you TEP.<br />
<br />
It's just something about her. i don't know. i can't explain it.