The Picture I Had Chosen For This Group

Is right here.

Don't you think that's a nice pic?  I do!
SaratogaGirl SaratogaGirl
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18 Responses Aug 9, 2010

whew! Thank goodness... I would hate to have to try and explain the situation to her....

the famous bobitt. i will runs from her trouble.

Actually, I think she would use a knife. Does the name Bobbit ring any balls? I mean, bells. Yeah, that's what I meant. Bells.

You don't even know that she had panties... she could have worn her suit to the pool... hah!

so i steal the panties trouble and you still the gorgeous chick in the pic? hmmm OK.

Hey, troub, you are SO FICKLE! Whaddabout me?

Lovey pic.

Oh heavens, Iza, if she is too vanilla for you I'd hate to think what you would say about me!

Ouch! She looks as if she better apply a case or three of sun screen!

Whoooo-hoooooo...<br />
<br />
Lovely hair... nice skin... good boobies, nice legs..... beautiful waistline....

Don't you other ladies agree she would be a good avatar for ALL of us?

Lovely! ;-)

That is a beautiful picture.

Big fat hairy deal -- I think she is quite beautiful.

You took MINE without my approval!!!!! And apparently, Pixie's, Em's, and Txwoman2's also!

i don't take panties without approval. <br />
<br />
you think you might be watching me?

Well, she's not wearing them right now! So you might wanna see where she changed.

it is a very nice pic. i like it. i wonder if i can steal her panties. i mean if she will give me her panties. lol