My Dad Is Sort Of Violent And That Is Not Overdramatasizing It.

My dad refuses to consider my opinions. He ignores what I have to say, and when I try to say something he disagrees with, and my mom isn't around, he  usually grabs my collar and shakes me, or grabs my neck in a painful sort of strangling way. I never really whine or sneak out or drink r do any of that stuff, I normally just state things coherently and with facts to back me up, but he still does this. My dad isn't an alcoholic or anything. I've never heard him apologise to anyone and it makes me so mad.

No one would believe me if I said anything, because he never hurts me enough to bruise me.

I know I should just lie low, but I'm not the type of person who just backs down. I hate my dad when he does this.

RandomUsername26393 RandomUsername26393
13-15, F
Feb 16, 2010