Screw Him

I went through a lot when i was 10 and my dad was there for me like he should have been. But because of everything that happened i was moved out of state away from him, and he hasnt given a **** bout me since. He never wrote, never sent birthday cards, christmas cards, NOTHING. I wrote to him so many time between the ages of 10 and 15 hoping to god that he would sit down and at least write hi back. I cried so much over his worthless *** wishing he still cared about me as much as i did for him. I called him all the time and if i was lucky to get ahold of him we would talk for 10 minutes and he would play it off like he really wanted to know me. Telling me how much he missed me and thought bout me. But as soon as we hung up he wouldnt ever call back like he said he would. And i actually waited. I am such a fool for believing for a second he wanted to be apart of my life. Last time i talked to him was June 20 2009, my sister's birthday. Mine is July 9, turned 18, and he said he would call. He never did. I waited all day for his call. So i havent made any attempts to contact him since. I dont care anymore. Its been almost a year. If he cared he would show it at least a little bit. He has my number, my address. My sister says she talks to him sometimes only cuz SHE calls him. But im done with him.

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That's awful! I hate my father. we don't speak. He never calls or comes down to see me. It's always been like that. When i do see him, he'll get drunk and get us lost and we live in Edinburgh. Try getting lost there! I'm just saying i know how you feel. <br />
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