I'm Mad At Myself Because I Hurt Someone I Love. I Didnt Mean To And They Said It Was Ok. But Still I Am Mad At Myself For Even Letting It Happen.

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2 Responses Feb 27, 2009

i agree.. we often feel a little kind of remorse after doing something we shouldnt have done.. its our conscience letting us know that things arent right.. its important to let it out.. write a letter to that person, cry if you have to! As long as you dont keep it inside . it happened already and theres nothing you can do to change that. but what you can do is to not let it happen again!

I'm sorry you hurt someone you love. I you are still mad at yourself for it you should talk to her and go more in depth with what happened. She said it as okay like you said but you are still mad at yourself, I find it helps to try and talk to that person more to find more resolution, if not for yourself but it would mean a lot to whoever you hurt.