How Hard Is It To Pack A Box!


This is supposed to be a very happy exciting day!  Save 45$ and plug in the cable yourself they said!   They were even nice enough to send it to me in the mail next day shipping!   I was so excited to get the box hook it up and have my cable internet go go go!  

Lets see...  Power cord  check....   cord to the computer check....  cord that is the actual cable that is the life blood of the thing....   WTF!!!   No CORD!   GRRRRRR 

Calling comcast.   They present me with 2 options.   One is go to Best buy and buy my own cable cord.  Sure I would love to spend 10$ on their mistake! NOT!   Or they will rush me one out tomorrow.   Obviously option B is the only choice I have.   So I will patiently wait until tomorrow. 

The cool thing about my apartment building is they have a nice office here that they let me use with 24 hour internet so its not like I am cut off from the world until tomorrow. 

Ok my ranting is done! 

denverguy denverguy
36-40, M
Mar 5, 2010