Things Cant Get Any Worse....

Pre Warning, I wrote this when I had a lot of strong emotions running in my. Its full of typo's, cursing, and pretty much no grammer. I wrote this in a Document on my computer but I thought I should share this story. Well here it goes............. Hey computer well im here typing because i dont wanna talk but i have a lot to say. Its obvious that time arent the best for anybody right now. Turns out we have to move next week because our piece of **** scum of the earth devil worshiping landlord lied and has been takin our money for about a year now we have no money to just up and move so now we have to stay with my aunties which isnt bad because they are both beautiful people but im sure everyone wants thier own space and not have to deal with out ****** luck. Its like I cant have a normal ****** year in HighSchool. I couldnt give you 1 ******* YEAR WHERE SOME STUPID **** HASNT HAPPENED. Its literally feels like everything is just taking a big **** on me and causing me trouble. I dont know what i did wrong in another life to deserve everything that is happening to me and my family ike Did I murder a whole entire colony or something????????? In spite of all this my 11th grade year was going great i accepted that i had to go to D.O and i made great friends and all my grades were perfect well except history was a C but thats because history is my worse subject anyways its like some evil goblin or the ghosts of the murdered colonist saw that we were okay and stable and decided to drop a ATOMIC NUCLEAR Bomb on us so we have a week to move and I either have to go to online school (which is not my favorite option) rr to live with my aunt and uncle YEAH ive done the second option before and it was a complete and total hell not because of all my cousins they were okay but their MOMMAS ways and me dont mix at all. I love my room this is my first room in 15 years and now I have to just up and leave it like it was never mine. My mom wants to move to Marino valley or whatever that place is and put me in a new school for my senior year but if we get a car we could make it in vegas I DONT WANNA START ANOTHER SCHOOL like put yourself in this situation your going to a school where you know nobody and all these people have known eachother for 4 ****** years and most probably longer there not just gunna be like hey look its the new girl lets make friends for a year and then never see eachother again like TF do i look like. Its gunna b a living hell i wnna graduate at D.O with people i know for christ's sake IM NOT GOING TO LEUZINGER yeah all my cali friend go there but imagine how its gunna look on my college app yeah there gunna be like"Yeah let this girl in she came from one of the worst schools that's rated a number 1 which is the lowest rating that a school could possibly get" everything is just turning into a steaming pile of ****. Like my grammy is disabled she was comfortable here and now she has to have the stress of moving and shes not gunna have her comfortable bed anymore. And my mom is gunna have to deal with the same thing like she has to worry about my lil brothers education.They cant get a break either.Now i refuse to believe that they did ANYTHING wrong in a past life so really now whats going on. I just feel like nothing can go right for them which just makes me wanna cry more because i see people who arent half the people they are and they get everything they open there stupid mouths and say that they want. So right now im not really in the right state of mind because im a 16 year old girl which is why there is so many curse words in this but yeah I have no idea how im gunna handle all this moving to vegas was just tragic as **** but doing it again already feels like im about to walk on lava while being stabbed by 1010101 steak knives as a demon rips out my nails(fingers and toes) one by one.Okay im over exaggerating but you get my picture anyways my momma probably thinks im like posting this on facebook because when i said i was writing it she seemed angry but IDK why writing is a good outlet for emotion even if it is just a bunch of crap well computer im gunna go back to hugging my bed because im gunna miss it GoodBye.
Rmw12345 Rmw12345
18-21, F
Nov 27, 2012