I am tired of all of the empty promises, self contradictions, and false hope that get us nowhere. I am tired of caring for and loving someone who doesn't possess the capacity or desire to reciprocate. I have been here for him, but he hasn't been there for me. I wasted two years of my life on something that is proving to be fruitless.
Will I ever be able to love again? Will this massive chunk he has taken out of my heart ever be able to heal? And can I ever trust another person when he says he loves me and will always be there for me? What is a promise worth, after all, when there is never any action to fulfill that promise?
I have learned a lot from Dannie, but most of all I have learned to guard my heart, don't get carried away when someone tells me what I want to hear, and never, ever give someone more than one second chance.
And that would be my advice to others as well.
PrincessPumpkin81 PrincessPumpkin81
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1 Response Aug 24, 2014

things will get better with time..........i promise!