My Life

here i can't do anything, i can't even have a boyfrind

my dad always yall at me and hit me sometimes, and also my bro

i hat him so much, and i can't do anything abut it

cuz they can bet me anytime they want and no one well tell them

that's wrong.

i hate them so much so i wish them dead, i mean i can't wait to live my awon life

but the countrol every thing in it.

they don't know what am gona do in the futuer bur they won't like it

and i'll make them sufer like i did. bur still they don't under stand

i mean how can they understand me if they won't lsn, and shour am shouldnt talk

cuz they are always ri8

god i hate them.......

injisibai injisibai
18-21, F
Feb 24, 2010