Adam Was No Man...

If we are to believe Creation and the Torah, he was a wuss, who couldn't handle a strong woman such as Ms. Lilith. I am made of stardust and I am sure I was Ziggy's nymphette. :)

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BTW, you are dead on when you say adam was no man..even catholics have to admit that the word that adam..adamma..adom..etc etc..translated means, red earth..

Or it may actullay be the mistranslation of the word atom what do you think?

Stardust?, I thought girls were made of sugar and spice and everything nice?..confused now, and just kidding. I don't think you were made from adam's rib..that is just..well..dam n, going to make me tick off one religion or another..the thing I believe in is energy..Not gods and such..measurable in every way they want to test it..when a person dies, energy is emitted from the is never destroyed, it changes form..*smile*

*smiles big*

maybe the dinosaurs wrote the bible XD it seems we have greatly underestimated those small t-rex arms

i had to like ur comment, ur 2 funny

Ziggy played guitar....

I'm a Pagan mate and this was a wee bit satirical. Duh. :)

Oh my - another person who doesn't know how to read the Bible/Torah/Veda/Truths of Buddha.