She Has No Idea

I have loved her for several years and she has no idea. We have keep in touch, although I have moved through several different states for the past ten years.  If she knew, I think there would be a friendship lost. I usually visit her once a year, we hang out, talk and take in a dinner or two. I even stay at her house, If she only knew how bad I want to take her in my arms and feel the same affection given back. She is slightly intimidating and I have never had that problem with any other woman. She is absolutely drop dead gorgeous and has a heart of gold. I may live my entire life and not have enough courage to tell her how I really feel.


setmefree08 setmefree08
41-45, M
1 Response Sep 17, 2008

You should tell her.......... Being honest with her is the best thing. You'll at least know you gave it a shot regardless of the outcome.